Subject: more bootable cd problems
To: None <>
From: Ketil Froyn <>
List: port-sh3
Date: 06/26/2001 18:10:13

I've been trying to get the bootable NetBSD CD booting with lots of
helpful advice from Greg Gonnerman, but to no avail. With his help, I have
been able to figure out that my dreamcast actually can boot from CD-Rs
(I've managed to get a Utopia boot-thingy to work), but I'm unable to get
the netbsd cd working. I tried burning the diskjuggler image again, this
time actually using diskjuggler (last time it was converted to a Nero
image with a converter, and I figured this was my error). DiskJuggler was
unable to set all the options from the .cdi file, or so it said, so I went
through the options and made sure CD/XA was set and so on. I don't think I
actually changed anything, most of it looked right even though diskjuggler
complained when loading the image. I burned the CD, and tried it in the
dreamcast, and dreamcast still behaves as if it were an audio CD.

Any further help would be appreciated!

By the way, the month of production is not written anywhere on the box. I
can't find it anyway.