Subject: creating bootable CD for dreamcast
To: None <>
From: Ketil Froyn <>
List: port-sh3
Date: 06/18/2001 15:53:06

I'm a netbsd newbie. I've tried to read up a little on how to boot my
dreamcast with a NetBSD bootable CD. This is a quite new dreamcast,
probably newer than September 2000. I tried following the instructions in
the howto on the site, downloading the bootable CD image from, but nothing happens when I try that CD in my
dreamcast. It says in the howto that this bootable image would probably
only work on dreamcasts older than Sept. 2000, so I'm guessing that is the
reason it's not working.

Now, on to my questions. I've read the instructions on Marcus Comstedt's
homepage on how to build bootable CDs, and I'd like to try that, but I
thought I'd ask first:
1) To make a bootable CD, do I only need to burn the kernel (that is, in
   addition to the audio track and IP.BIN)?
2) Why won't the online image work with newer dreamcasts? If I make my own
   image with a new self-built kernel, will that work with my new