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Re: mec0 dies under NFS load

Quoting Martin Husemann <martin%duskware.de@localhost>:

When I do a "build.sh build sets" on another machine and then copy the
binary sets via NFS, my machine silently resets. The same happens when
doing a "installworld".

Copying the sets via scp works though.

I haven't yet tested other archs, but my gut feeling blames if_mec ;-)
Please prove me wrong.

This rings a bell... look at rev 1.12 of if_mec.c:
    "sprinkle delay() and mec_mii_wait() in MII access functions
     with this I no longer get spontaneous reboots during network

Perhaps macallan@ has more wisdom for you. I don't understand why if_mec would have been resetting the system like that. Is 1.12 a fix or a dirty hack?

It may be interesting to know if a PCI NIC causes similar trouble, but you have no riser ;)


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