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Re: openpam build breaks on sgimips

christos%astron.com@localhost wrote:

> I guess we should remove __PIC__, but why does mips define __PIC__ when
> we don't have -fpic or -fPIC on the command line?

On mips, -fpic (or -fPIC) is not specified even for shared libs
because it's default if TARGET_ABICALLS?
  /* -fpic (-KPIC) is the default when TARGET_ABICALLS is defined.  We need
     to set flag_pic so that the LEGITIMATE_PIC_OPERAND_P macro will work.  */
  /* ??? -non_shared turns off pic code generation, but this is not
     implemented.  */
      flag_pic = 1;
      if (mips_section_threshold > 0)
        warning (0, "-G is incompatible with PIC code which is the default");

> Other pic-by-default
> archs don't do this...

Because mips can have non-pic code which has incompatible ABI?
Izumi Tsutsui

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