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Re: kernel panic on IP32 R12000

On Sun, Jan 27, 2008 at 11:22:09AM -0500, Stephen M. Rumble wrote:
> Looking at the code, regardless of whether the R12k support is broken  
> or not, this panic shouldn't be happening with GENERIC32_IP3x, no? It  
> looks like `ENABLE_MIPS4_CACHE_R10K' is in the config and should  
> handle R10000, R12000 and R14000 cases.

It certainly did for me (I just booted the 4.0 install kernel to play
around with it, and did not see the cache impl panic).

But re: R10k support in general, I thought we were missing (at least)
trap handling for speculative loads, so it not working overall is no
suprise, or am I misremembering? I didn't look closer into it, assuming
it would need a lot more mips knowledge (and mostly time) than I have
right now.


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