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Re: O2 hangs on reboot and powerdown

On 9-Jan-08, at 7:52 PM, Michael Lorenz wrote:
I've found the problem. What happens is that ahc's shutdown hook is called, in turn calls ahc_shutdown(), after that pmf_system_shutdown calls sd's suspend handler which tries to flush caches but the command times out since ahc is already shut down. So, this is not sgimips specific and will likely affect other scsi drivers as well. I worked around if by removing the shutdown hook and adding suspend and resume handlers to ahc_pci which simply call ahc_suspend and ahc_resume. Since I'm not at all familiar with scsipi or the ahc driver - is there anything wrong with this approach? On my O2 at least it works.

This is correct -- shutdown hooks need to nuked in favour of pmf handlers for dependencies to work properly. Good find!


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