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Re: StarFive VisionFive2

Am Mittwoch, 31. Mai 2023, 13:32:15 CEST schrieb Shin'ichiro TAYA:
> Hi, I have StarFive VisionFile2 and I tried to boot NetBSD/riscvv64.
> https://www.starfivetech.com/en/site/boards

I'm playing with the VisionFive 2 here too, experimenting with NetBSD/riscv 
myself and with exactly the same result. Thanks for your log!
Here is mine with the GENERIC64 kernel:

To avoid that assertion, I've disabled the DEBUG kernel compile-time option.
With that, NetBSD even reached the point where it asked for a root device.
Here is the log of that:

But without any drivers for SD, NVME, network or USB, it's challenging to 
provide a proper root device.
Next step was to use a compiled-in ramdisk inside the kernel image.
I've ran into some size limitation, so I just used the /rescue part to see how 
far it will bring me. Spoiler: panic while starting /rescue/init, again with 
some suspected virtual memory issue and I guess it's the same thing what the 
assertion from the beginning tried to tell me.
Here's the log:

I was able to successfully run a remote debugger with my J-Link to step 
through kernel code, but I still need more insights of NetBSD's memory 
management and how a RISC-V MMU works before I can continue with that.
But I can still try to help to port NetBSD/riscv to the VisionFive 2 if that's 
a goal.

> I used debian image and remove everything on MS-DOS partition and
> copied bootriscv64.efi & netbsd to the partition.

I've booted the VisionFive 2 over network. It's straight forward and is a lot 
faster than juggling with MicroSD cards.
It just needs a DHCP and TFTP server which tells the board to fetch the 
bootriscv64.efi file over TFTP which then fetches /netbsd from TFTP.


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