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pmax getting back to being buildable

Hi all,

back in April 2010 I reported problems in using a DS5000 to rebuild
its NetBSD-current.

I had some feedback and in several steps (including matt-nb5-mips64
being merged to HEAD as well as other kernel updates) the situation
improved during Spring this year to a state where I could boot the
machine to single-user state and transfer a crossbuilt kernel, libc,
and /bin/sh to the pmin and then recover the machine to a bootable

Installing furher parts from the cross-built NetBSD improved the
situation to a state where I could update the sources on the DS5000
using cvs and rebuilding the kernel locally.

I still had some severe problems in running build.sh -- after a
shorter or longer period of working through the build, it would hang
silently. Ctrl-T on the console indicated that no CPU time was
consumed in user-mode, but the load average reaised steadily.

If caught early enough, Ctrl-C would stop the build, and I could do
another attempt. At other times the only way out was a hardware reset.

This way I never got it to complete a full 'sh build.sh -u tools' even
if I commented the parts completed out of tools/Makefile to reach
further ahead.

This has been the case for kernels based on sources up to about 17th
July. But now on a kernel build from sources of 27th July, it suddenly
seems that the machine now behaves much better.

Today it has completed building all tools from gcc to the end still
using the stripped-down tools/Makefile.

I have restored the full tools/Makefile and now started a 'sh build.sh
-u -E build'. If this behaves well, you'll probably hear from me again
in a weeks time or so.

I really did not notice anything on the commit mailing list relating
to mips/pmax that made me think that this had happened -- and it may
even have been caused by one of the general kernel changes lately.

Anyway thanks alot to get this running again -- and having the machine
out of business for almost a year and a half it was just before it
made its way into the dumpster :-(

Now it is (hopefully) going to spend the rest of the evening and night
on doing 'obj ===>' and includes all over the tree and then resume
doing actual building :-)

Thanks to all for getting this back in order and bring my DS5000 back
into being a not-so-continiuous build server for building port-pmax.

best regards

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