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Re: Looking for DECstation 5000/2xx

I had seen a few on ePay a while ago. prices all over the map. i was tempted to maybe buy one, but i'm in europe...shipping alone would be as much as the machine or maybe more.

someone (here on port-pmax maybe? i dont recall) had some in the bay area
he was giving away... maybe check the archive and see if it was here, and if he might still have one and be willing to ship it..
hope you find one!

and the memory is maybe even harder to find than the machines (if you want 32mb modules that is)!

happy hacking

On Tue, 26 Jul 2011, J. Alexander Jacocks wrote:

Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2011 15:02:48 -0400
From: J. Alexander Jacocks <jjacocks%mac.com@localhost>
To: port-pmax%NetBSD.org@localhost
Subject: Looking for DECstation 5000/2xx


I'm looking to do some NetBSD work on a pmax, for the first time, in a
long time.  I used to have a 5000/120, in college, but unfortunately
was forced to get rid of it, many years ago.  So, I'm now looking for
a 5000/2xx (preferably a 260, of course), with as much RAM as it is
possible to find.

Does anyone here have a spare machine, or know of a possible source?
I know that DECstations are starting to become pretty rare.

By the way, for shipping purposes, I'm located in Queenstown, MD,
21658, USA.  I'm, of course, willing to pay.

- Alex

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