Subject: Re: DECstation gear available in San Francisco
To: None <>
From: Jason Thorpe <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 05/30/2005 14:05:14
On May 15, 2005, at 4:35 PM, Jason Thorpe wrote:

> Free DECstation gear available for pick-up in San Francisco.  Will  
> consider shipping if you are willing to pay packaging and shipping  
> costs.  Will consider delivery to locations in the South Bay or  
> Peninsula on weekdays (I work in Cupertino).
> I need to get this stuff out of my garage / attic, and will send it  
> to a raw materials recycler if no one wants it.

Ok, I timed out.  The 5000/25 was claimed, and there was one inquiry  
on one of the 3100s, which is still pending.

Everything else is being scrapped, but I first stripped the  
workstations.  So, the following *PARTS* are now available.  Same  
terms as before:

- 10x DEC MS02 memory modules -- for 5000/200 or 5000/240

- 18x DEC MS02-AA memory modules -- for 5000/200 or 5000/240
=> 5 of these are actually clones made by Clearpoint

- DEC memory module for 5000/240 ... looks like it might be battery- 
backed... also has 2 LEDs.  It fits into a memory slot (the last  
one?), not a TC slot.  Numbers screened on the board: 5020947-01-B1  
and 5020948

- 20x DECstation 5000/{125,133} SIMMs # 50-20612-01
=> 2 of these are actually clones made by Kingston

- DECstation 5000/133 processor module # 50-21330-01

- DECstation 5000/125 processor module # 50-20614-01

- PMAD-A TURBOchannel Ethernet board

- PMAGB-B TURBOchannel frame buffer

- DEC TURBOchannel ISDN? board ... has two AMD 7930s on it.  Did not  
see a part number.

- SCSI mini-50 terminator for DECstation 5000/133

- SCSI Centronics terminator

- SCSI mini-50 -> Centronics SCSI cable

Hopefully someone will take this stuff (it'll be a lot cheaper to  
ship this than full systems, with all of their stamped steel, etc.)

-- thorpej