Subject: Re: help - 3max (DS5k/200) will not start
To: port-pmax list NetBSD <>
From: Eyal Lebedinsky <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 12/31/2002 13:16:01
"Peter C. Wallace" wrote:
> Just looked at a 5000/240 (same power supply as 5000/200)
> Looks like you are OK there (pin 5 is the DCOK line = white wire and ~5V means
> DCOK...)
> So must be something else thats a problem (though do check the 6 pin
> connector, One of my 240's got flakey due to a bad contact in that connector)

I checked the connector and it looks good, but then how do I tell for

> If all of the LEDS stick on, the processer isnt getting anywhere near the
> NVRAM, it must be a more basic problem (No reset, no reset release, cant
> read boot ROM, etc, etc)

The reset push-button must be doing something right since I can hear the
scsi disk resetting.

Is there any way to check that the CPU is running?

If I remove the video module and the memory, should it go some distance
into POST before complaining (with some LEDs off)?

Eyal Lebedinsky ( <>