Subject: help - 3max (DS5k/200) will not start
To: port-pmax list NetBSD <>
From: Eyal Lebedinsky <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 12/29/2002 22:20:05
Power comes on, green light, all leds on, nothing else. Video
is black, no sign of life that I can see.

I reseated everything. Cleared cmos. Then removed most everything
(even down to the video and the memory). Connected serial terminal.
No change.

Now, the first thing I want to know is if the power is good. Is
it possible that the power-good signal is not activated? I read
about the four-pin brown header, and it seems it has a DCOK pin,
anyone knows what values are expected? There was a mention that
shorting the two middle pins should start special "manufacturing"
tests - true?

Then I also hear that these babies are prone to overheat and die,
and as it is summer here it may just be that this was one season
too much for this old horse.

Any suggestion will be welcome.

Eyal Lebedinsky ( <>