Subject: Re: WSCONS and Layout
To: pmax <>
From: Carsten Friede <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 12/15/2002 20:47:39
Christopher Tribo wrote:
> > That's what I already know, but how do I get my system running the wscons? What
> > is necessary for this? The problem with the keyboard is, that I want to have a
> > german layout. I know that I need a driver for this and  that's why I wanted to
> > do it with wscons. I'm using NetBSD 1.5.2 and don't want to upgrade.
>         wscons is not part of 1.5.3 on pmax.
>         There's three problems with this. One, you'll have to backport
> wscons into the 1.5.3 sources. This may or may not be possible, I don't
> think you can just drop something of this magnitude into the sources and
> expect it to work. Two, the wscons drivers aren't completely done yet. The
> reason they aren't in releases is because they haven't been well tested in
> -current. Three, if anything doesn't work, its going to be real hard to
> get people to help you figure out what needs to be fixed when no one else
> is running wscons on 1.5.3

Okay, I see. I have upgraded to NetBSD 1.6. But I still got the problem get
wscons working. If I insert the entry wscons=YES in the /etc/rc.conf, wsconscfg
complains that it does not find /dev/tty***. What do I have to set up to get it
properly running?



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