Subject: Two pmaxes, no one boots
To: None <>
From: Chris Rupnik <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 11/19/2002 22:22:52
 All this talk of working PMAX machines inspired me to go downstairs and dig
out both of my boxes.  I am attempting to netboot either one of my
Decstations 3100.

One one of them
firmware KN01 7.1d
>>boot -f tftp
4412864+0+218748-47c xfr addr: 0x80030000
panic: CPU type (0x216) not supported

Excptn: <vtr=UTLBM>
Excptn pc: 0x80030394

And on the other, I will either get a panic or a boot of the 1.6 netbsd
(located at

kn v7.03
>>boot -f tftp()
4412864+0+218748-47c xfr addr: 0x80030000
panic: uvm_page_physload: start >= end

Or 1.6 comes up and the cursor stops at
pm0 at ibus0 addr 0xfc00000: 1024x864x1 console
dc0 at ibus0 addr 0x1c000000

This is booting with a real dec keyboard/mouse and dec monitor connected.