Subject: Re: VXT-2000
To: None <>
From: Louis Wevers <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 11/18/2002 21:50:06
Hi guys,

Just a short note to thank you. My VXT-2000 is now up and running after 
2 years of silence....


Anders Hogrelius wrote:

>To restore the VXT to the factory settings, which will make it possible to
>re-enable Motif and reset IP and so forth, follow the instructions below.
>They are an excerpt of the manual for the VXT terminal.
>A.3 Restoring the Terminal to Factory-Default Settings
>  You can reset the VXT 2000 windowing terminal's non-
>  volatile RAM (NVRAM) to the factory-default settings by
>  entering a console command.
>  1. Place the terminal in console mode by pressing Ctrl+Alt+keypad .
>  or pressing the halt button on the rear of the terminal.
>  2. At the >>> console prompt, enter the following command:
>     >>> T/UTIL 1
>  When you boot the terminal successfully it saves a record
>  of the successful booting method used. When you reboot the
>  terminal, it tries using this saved method first. You can clear
>  this saved state while booting the terminal:
>  >>> B/10000
>The complete manual can be viewed at
>and the software packages that are available for VMS can be found at
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