Subject: Re: VXT-2000
To: None <>
From: Louis Wevers <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 11/13/2002 21:58:12

Ok, this is what I can get from the system:
VXT 01.2
10 Mb of  RAM

If I do a "show ver" on the boot>> promt it tells me:
System type = 08 version = 01 revision =  02

Accrding to some manual that came with it I'll be needing some VXT 
images to boot it initially. It gives me a list of 4 possible images:
- VXTMP00110
- VXTSP00110
- VXTMPI00110
- VXTSPI00110
If anyone knows where to get these images I'd be really happy if someone 
could tell me where.

As for manuals, it came with 3 books:
1. VXT Software: System Management Information (Order number: AA-PPSAATE)
2. VXT 2000 Windowing Terminal and DECimage 2000 Option: Installation 
and Getting Started. (Order number: EK-VXT20-IN. B01)
3. 2. VXT 2000 Windowing Terminal: User Information (Order number: 
EK-VXT20-UG. B01)

I've not had the time to really study them, but they seem to be 
operation manuals without much technical background.

Thanks All,

Debros, Frederic M.,Md wrote:

>look up what model it is, if it has the colour framebuffer etc and how much ram.
>the vxt2000 is a snazzy xserver that runs bootp or mopboot and is a nice and
>quiet xterm for any linux/x!
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>>Subject:	VXT-2000
>>I happend to run into a VTX-2000 X terminal. It seems fully operational, 
>>but I seem to be missing some image it wants to load over the network on 
>>startup. Does anybody around here know how to get it working?