Subject: Re: test
To: '' <>
From: Chris Tribo <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 11/11/2002 22:32:18
On 11/11/02 1:09 PM, "Lord Isildur" <> wrote:

> yeah, we read port-pmax... but there hasnt been much posted here in a
> long time..
> X allegedly now works.. in 1.5 there were some patches or whatnot one had
> to apply, but people had it running. my netbsd/pmax machines run
> headless.. 
> i dont know if the lack of activity here is from nobody running these
> machines anymore (that would be a shame!) or from things Just Working..
> maybe a quick show of hands to see who actually still a: reads port-pmax
> and b: runs a pmax (even with something other than NetBSD?)

Still reading.

5000/240 w/PXG+ (No Z) and PX running Ultrix 4.5 every other total solar
eclipse (No Y2k patch)

5000/240 w/SFB collecting dust.

Lonely 5000/200 motherboard with no case collecting dust

5000/25 w/PMAG-DV and SFB awaiting a new Access.Bus driver that will let me
actually use my keyboard and mouse. I am apparently the only person who's
MAXine consistently randomizes the keyboard and mouse address differently
than what is hard coded into the kernel. Loaded with 1.5 Beta 1.

Haven't powered any of them on in months. Is Andy Doran still alive?