Subject: Re: dec5000 question
To: Debros, Frederic M., Md <FDEBROS@PARTNERS.ORG>
From: Lord Isildur <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 11/11/2002 13:14:39
at the chevron, give the command 'cnfg' and see what it say is in the 
machine. The best normal grafix card is the (luckily common) SFB, the 
PMAGB-B. Its a simple 2d accelerated card. The Ultrix X server (X11R5) is 
quite fast on it, even on a 5k200. I ran a 5k200, 80MB, two-headed in X 
for about a year as my daily machine at work.. one SFB/20" trinitron and 
one PMAG-B (note the difference in name) with a VR262 mono. It was a sad 
day when i discovered that that poor machine had sucked up a years worth 
of dust and fuzz from the office floor into it, choked, and cooked 
itself. Since then i've been even more zealous about cleaning dirt out of 
long-running machines (incl. vacuuming them out while they were running :)

I dont know how the X in NetBSD will fare in terms of perfromance.. but 
on a 260, it should be fast enough (well, unless you run gnome or try to 
run mozilla or something..)

happy hacking,

On Mon, 11 Nov 2002, Debros, Frederic M.,Md wrote:

> first:
> where would i find the make/model of the graphics framebuffers in my machines?
> i have 5000/200 and 240 and 260's and want them to run a gui.
> Fred