Subject: PMAG-F console driver woes
To: None <>
From: Henry R. Bent <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 03/27/2002 19:16:04
Hi all,

I just got a monitor that could support the right refresh rate for my PMAG-F,
so I finally had an opportunity to plug it in.  Unfortunately the console
driver seems a bit buggy.  First off, here's my bootup line:

px0 at tc0 slot 1 offset 0x0: 3D, 5x2 stamp, 24 plane, 128KB SRAM

And if for some reason it matters I'm driving a VRM17-AA monitor (mono) stolen
from a VAXstation 4000/90 setup.

Is the SRAM statement really correct?  I have 4 memory modules on the board,
so does that really mean they're only 32K each?

Also, the console font is unnecessarily big, especially on a 17-inch monitor. 
Is there a reason it's so much bigger than the font from the PMAG-B?  Forgive
my ignorance if there's an obvious answer to this question.

But on to the bigger problem.  The console driver gets somehow out of sync
with scrolling lines.  For instance, if I say "clear" and then "ls -l" on a
small directory, it will display cleanly and quickly.  But if there was
already text on the screen, the lines will get progressively farther apart as
the scrollback progresses.  I'll have one 50% grey line in the right place and
one 50% grey line that is further and further away as you approach the top of
the screen, up to one full line off-alignment.

I have to confess that this is just a bug report, really.  I have very, very
little experience with Unix device drivers and so I probably can't be much
help in debugging.  However, I am fully willing to do any/all testing that
anyone would like.

Another quick ignorant question: how easy/hard would it be to have this driver
recognize that the card takes up three slots?  Isn't it using all 3 for I/O? 
I mean so that it would say something like "px0 at tc0 slot 1 2 3" at bootup.

Henry Bent             
Want the Stars Productions