Subject: Re: DECstation 5000/33 Power Supply
To: Tiago de Aviz <>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 09/27/2001 02:20:38
"Tiago de Aviz" wrote:

> Did anyone ever have problems with the Power Supply of the DECstation
> 5000/33? Mine simply doesn't turn on anymore...
> It was on for two days, then when i turned it off, never came back. What
> could be wrong? Fuses? Parts? Nothing like storms happened around
> here... So...? I dunno.

I had a friend drop around just yesterday with the same problem.  From
memory, the fan(s) started to spin but stopped almost straight away, and
the power LED doesn't come on at all.  He picked up a CRO that I had
here; if he manages to fix it I'll ask what he did...

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