Subject: RE: How to revive an old DECstation 5000/33
To: 'Dennis Grevenstein' <>
From: Tiago de Aviz <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 09/16/2001 14:03:33
> How do you access your DECstation? If you are you using 
> monitor,mouse and keyboard then try a serial terminal. You 
> won't get any output other than the framebuffer selftest when 
> no keyboard is connected. If you don't even see this selftest 
> you may have a dead framebuffer or monitor.

Right now, i don't have access to the DECstation because i don't have a
good serial cable. I'm making one. But my concern is with the frontal
LED, which is DEAD. Doesn't do a thing!

What else could i do to revive it?

Tiago de Aviz