Subject: Re: Ailing 5000/260
To: Henry Bent <>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 09/10/2001 12:35:42
Henry Bent wrote:

> [ ick, a range of problems on a /260 ]

> So... what's the consensus on the problem?  Is it the SCSI controller, or 
> the RRD42 (my money's on that - flaky pieces of crap), or one of the disks? 
> I have a PMAZ controller that I can put in the machine, and all of the 
> disks are loaded into two storage expansion cabs that I could connect to my 
> DECstation 5000/120 for testing.  I just wanted opinions before I had to 
> physically get at the machine - it's under quite a lot of heavy stuff at 
> the moment.

Given the problems, I'd probably try re-seating the CPU module and
possibly (but less-likely) the memory modules.  Do you have a /240 cpu
module you can swap in - that would hopefully eliminate either the
motherboard or the cpu module as a suspect component.

> Thanks all, and I hope I can save this.  I wouldn't want to have to get rid 
> of a top of the line DS or have to lose any of the data on the hard drives! 
> If any more info is needed, I can get it ASAP.

You shouldn't need to lose any data.  As you said, you have a /120 to
plug the disks into.  Failing that, you should be able to mount the
disks on another NetBSD (possibly after tweaking the disklabel).  For
example, I moved my pmaxen disks to an alpha without any troubles.

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