Subject: Re: pmax deficiencies (was Re: mozilla-0.6 on NetBSD/pmax 1.5)
To: Bob Lantz <lantz@Stanford.EDU>
From: Iggy Drougge <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 06/25/2001 18:15:02
Bob Lantz skrev:

>On Mon, 25 Jun 2001, Peter C. Wallace wrote:

>> Dont know what the problem is with mozilla but you are a brave and
>> patient person to try and run mozilla on a pmax....

>Hmm, admittedly I have a blazing fast 260, but there seems to be this bias
>against getting certain useful classes of software running on pmaxen:

> 1. Web Browser (Mozilla)
> 2. Java (Kaffe)
> 3. Editor (XEmacs)

>Aren't these just basic useful programs that you would expect to have on
>any Unix machine?? There are other web browsers (amaya, chimera, kfm)
>which are faster, but they lack javascript and other useful features. [I
>haven't tried to build Konqueror, maybe someday...] I don't know of any
>good substitutes for kaffe or xemacs on NetBSD.

Well, the lack of a decent, portable web browser (which doesn't require a
machine running at several hundred MHz) is really a problem for the open
source community, IMHO.
I don't require the absolutely latest version of Netscape, either, just
something like version 3 or 4.

>I have managed to build all three pieces of software: Mozilla mostly runs,
>kaffe dies horribly, and XEmacs works almost 100%.

Mostly runs? Does that mean that your copy runs more properly than Matthew's?

>p.s. I wish I had my old Ultrix Netscape binary... but I think Netscape 3
>may have been the last version which was ported to the pmax...

That's odd, I read as late as this evening that there was no Netscape for
Ultrix. If there in fact is such a port, could it be run under emulation?

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