Subject: mozilla-0.6 on NetBSD/pmax 1.5
To: None <>
From: Matthew Fredette <fredette@MIT.EDU>
List: port-pmax
Date: 06/25/2001 12:50:47
[posted a week ago to tech-pkg]

Hi.  I've got a MAXine with 40MB memory running NetBSD/pmax 1.5:

NetBSD bulls-on-parade.home 1.5 NetBSD 1.5 (GENERIC) #48: Mon Nov 20 08:27:21 EST 2000 pmax

I'm trying to run the mozilla package at:

I read some previous posts saying that this mozilla must be run as
root before it can be run as other users, so I've been doing that.

But when I start mozilla, it consumes CPU for a few minutes, but then
falls idle, no window, no nothin', even after 30 minutes.  

I ktraced it somewhat, but I quickly felt overloaded.  The only thing
I saw was at one point it was trying to find many shared libraries
using only a .so extension (i.e.,, so I made suitable
symlinks all around.  No difference.

Any ideas?  Thanks -


Matt Fredette