Subject: cpu memory read ECC error?
To: None <>
From: Albrecht Gebhardt <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 06/10/2001 20:24:58

I just tried to install NetBSD 1.5 (from the iso image) to my old
DECstation 5000/240.

Installation went fine (from a DEC RRD cdrom), but now when I boot into
multiuser (netbsd -a) I get ....

Starting syslogd
CPU memory read ECC error at 0x01000004 (no RAM)
   ECC 0xd90c9b05

panic: panic("Mem error interrupt");

Begin traceback...
SP 0x0: not in kernel
_DYNAMIC_LINK+0 (0,0,0,0)ra 0 sz 0
User-level: pid 92
End traceback...
syncing disks... 14 14 14 13 13 13      .........     10p

dumping to dev 21,25 offset 232167
dump asc 0: device rz busy at start
asc 0: device rz busy at start
Then reboot and it repeats. One time I got a working login prompt (but
not stable too, finally the same crash, after some extra "CPU memory
read ECC error at 0x01000000" messages on the console).

So what's this? I guess a harrware error? should I remove some parts from
the memory? Is there some diagnostic tool to find the maliciuos chip
(from the PROM console)? 
The error messages after logging in contained something like "module
2" ...

There was no such error during the (full and lengthy) installation from

The hardware is:
>> cnfg
 3:  KN03-AA  DEC     V5.1b     TCF0   ( 64 MB)
                                       (enet: 08-00-2b-2c-cc-b9)
                                       (SCSI = 7)
 0:  PMAF-FA  DEC     V3.1     TCF0    (fddi: 08-00-2b-b0-59-c8)

The harddisk is a Seagate 2.4GB (very old, could also be the source of the

Any hints?



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