Subject: Re: My DECstation 5k/240 is dead?
To: None <>
From: Chris <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 06/30/2000 20:43:21
on 6/30/00 5:27 AM, Ulrich Teichert at wrote
something like:

> Upps, sorry, I should have mentioned that after one second all lights
> go off completely and the LED from the power supply *never* goes on.
> I hear a relais click just after switching it on, the light on the
> NVRAM card flashes once, as do those little red lights at the backside
> of the MB (dialight? Whatever this is for).

    Sounds like a bad PS, motherboard should be fine.
> After I removed ~20 screws I still can't get at the power supply,
> though. Do I have to remove the six-sided stands on the MB as well?

    To remove the motherboard yes, you have to remove the hex memory
retainer risers (2) and the six hex standoffs for the TC slots. However, I
don't think you need to remove the MB to remove the PS. There appear to be
only two allen screws at the front of the PS near the LED that hold it in,
remove those and and it should come right out. The PS in my 5000/200 box is
indeed a H7878-A
> I can't believe it's the MB, the symptoms seem to relate to a power
> supply problem, IMHO.
    In you're last message you seemed to have contradicted yourself on that,