Subject: Re: Support for RX26 floppy drive
To: Christian Biache <>
From: Gregory McGarry <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 06/27/2000 08:24:44
Christian Biache wrote:

> | > Yes it's a i82077... I'll have sthing working soon. 
> | 
> | How is this project progressing?
> Slower than expected, sorry for that. I was interrupted by a higher
> priority task.
> I'm trying to find out where the 82077 registers are mapped, it seems
> they are not at the beginning of IOASIC slot #11 (the floppy slot),
> writing at this address does not work (i.e. no value stored),

I will forward the register offsets to you.

> (BTW, the floppy_enable bit is set in the SSR).

Remember that these bits are active low.  Maybe a better term would
be to call them reset bits.

	-- Gregory McGarry <>