Subject: 1.4Z pmax Kernel/obj/build problems
To: NetBSD Mailing List , <>
From: Chris <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 06/02/2000 23:23:51
Hi all,

  I CVS updated in the early morn of 6/2, built a kernel from the DS5000
configuration with 3MIN, IPv6, PPP/SLIP and mfb support commented out, and
extra debugging checks for kernel ddb enabled. Since this morning I've had
about four panics with "Kernel used FPU errors" Now I don't know if this
matters (at least I hope it doesn't) but most of my Userland is 1.4P
snapshot era and 1.4Z kernel was built under 1.4X kernel. My machine is a 25
MHz MAXine w/40MB RAM, plenty of swap space. /usr/src is on an ffs ccd. And
I'm using a PMAGB-B instead of the internal DV.
    Other issues:

    make build fails immediately on line 117 saying can't find  
    make obj to a 500MB lfs partition got all the way to:

obj===>miniroot then:

"Makefile", line 5: Could not find
Fatal Errors....

***Error Code 1

    When I got back to my machine, it had halted itself. The shell never
appeared to have come back after the above error. If this helps:

KN02-CA v2.0m PC:0x800350dc  SP:0xc3401e38

    On reboot savecore responded:

savecore: reboot after panic: Kernel used FPU: PC %x, SR %x

    I've gotten similar panics three or four times today in both multiuser
shell and X.

    If anyone on current users had any ideas, please cc me as I'm not
currently subscribed. Any help anyone can offer would be appreciated.


    "I use to be indecisive, now I'm not so sure..."