Subject: Re: DS5000/125 questions...
To: Gordon C. Zaft <>
From: Chris Tribo <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 03/25/2000 16:14:55
on 3/25/00 12:53 AM, Gordon C. Zaft at wrote something

> ?TFL: 3/mem/select (UEX, cause= 0000041C, DBE = 023ffffc, Bank 2, D16-31,
> d31-d)

    This could  be more serious than a bad memory chip, but I'm not familiar
with this error code. Does it occur without any additional RAM SIMMs
installed? (i.e. just the baseboard 8MB(?) )

> Also, the ROM reports itself as KN02-BA V5.7j.    The web page says "Can't
> seem to TFTP boot".  What are my options for getting NetBSD on this
> machine?  Can I load it off a tape drive?

    You could tape boot, but you wouldn't want to. CD booting is ok if you
have a burner. The easiest way is to dd the install disk image to the disk
from another UN*X box (Or suntar from a Mac, rawwrite for DOS) You should be
able to mop boot this machine if you can assemble a mop image, but leave
netbooting as a last resort.
> Finally, I'm using a VRC-16 monitor with this (It's a PMAG-BA).  The
> display looks pretty weird, it doesn't fill the screen and it's a bit
> distorted, albeit readable.  Is anyone else using this combination?

    I've seen this when switching my VRC-16s between either the PMAG-DV or
PMAGB-BA and PX/PXG frame buffers. I think what you need to do is adjust the
geometry with the monitor controls (you should be able to straighten it out
despite the RADICAL distortions), then you need to use a paper clip and push
the little recessed button above the contrast knob for 5 seconds. (If you
don't push the button it doesn't save the settings the next time the screen
resets itself on my boxen) Let me know if that fixes it.



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