Subject: DS5000/125 questions...
To: None <>
From: Gordon C. Zaft <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 03/24/2000 22:53:43
	I'm trying to get a DS5000/125 up.  I finally got it powered up and got 
the following messages:

	?STF (4: Ln#0 Kbd self test)

	?STF (4: Ln:1 Pntr self test)

	?TFL: 3/mem/select (UEX, cause= 0000041C, DBE = 023ffffc, Bank 2, D16-31, 

	I assume the first one is because I don't have  keyboard plugged 
in.  What's the 2nd one?  Also, the 3rd one looks like a memory 
problem.  When I got this machine it had no memory in it and I bought 
some.  I'm hoping that maybe it's just not seated correctly or something.

	Also, the ROM reports itself as KN02-BA V5.7j.    The web page says "Can't 
seem to TFTP boot".  What are my options for getting NetBSD on this 
machine?  Can I load it off a tape drive?

	Finally, I'm using a VRC-16 monitor with this (It's a PMAG-BA).  The 
display looks pretty weird, it doesn't fill the screen and it's a bit 
distorted, albeit readable.  Is anyone else using this combination?

	Thanks for any help and advice.


Gordon Zaft