Subject: funky PROM, funky problems
To: None <>
From: Eric Benoit <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 03/21/2000 12:47:53
Hey all,

I've recently aquired two Personal DECstations (a /25 and /33). Both have
Ultrix installed, only one is actually usable. I'd like to install NetBSD on
the other one, but I'm having a tough time.

One of the boards reports the PROM revision as "KN02-CA V2.0m", and that (with
a little coaxing) boots the small net install NetBSD kernel (doesn't like the
big one). Problem is, it seizes up upon probing the SCSI bus. Anyone know what
might be the cause? Do I need to spin up the RZ25 drive manually?

The other board's PROM reports "KN02-CA V2.1a". I don't see this one listed on
the PROM revisions page. It sends out a bootp request, which afaict is
answered, but doesn't try to download the kernel via tftp. I was using the
exact same setup I was using for the above system. Anyone here deal with this
PROM revision before?


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