Subject: Re: Is there a later snapshot than December 6 1999?
To: NetBSD Bob , <>
From: Chris Tribo <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 03/20/2000 13:30:10
on 3/20/00 12:49 PM, NetBSD Bob at wrote
something like:

> Is there a later snapshot than December 6, 1999, for the mips line?
> The latest thing I have is 1.4P but it did not work well on my 5000/200
> machine.  The 1.4.2 does fine.  I need to find something that has support
> for the PMAG-C card, at least in text mode.  I had 1.4R or something like
> that up, one time, but the 5000/200 scsi troubles were getting to me.
> If that has settled somewhat, I would like to try again.  Any pointers
> to a 1.4U or 1.4T snapshot for the mips line would be appreciated.
> Thanks
> Bob

    Hmm, I think the dust from 3MAX has pretty much settled, at least the
crashing part. You can stick to old SCSI still, perhaps Jason Thorpe  or
someone else could tell you if the MI NCR 53C9x driver is happy again. I
don't have my 3MAX running so I can't tell you anything new, and I'm not
sure if the keyboard has been fixed yet for graphic console yet. I have 1.4U
ready to build on my Maxine, just haven't started it yet. Oh BTW, as of
today at least, we're up to 1.4V, so I think I'll update and try later this
    I don't suppose there is a list somewhere that one could grep with ftp
to check for current changes/fixes/brokeness is there, anyone?


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