Subject: PMAG-E / General PX questions
To: NetBSD Mailing List <>
From: Chris Tribo <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 03/15/2000 23:42:32
    Hi again all,

    I know this PX stuff has been beaten to an almost unrecognizable pulp,
but I've got a few questions I haven't heard answered yet.

This is a dual-headed 5000/240 with 360MB of RAM and Ultrix 4.5(1?)

    1.) Back panels says PMAG-E and PXG. cnfg 2 says:
    2: PMAG-DA DEC      V5.3f   TCF0  (EA: PXG -- D=24)

        Is that normal?

    2.) Is/are all PX/PXG{+/T} RAM modules compatible? I have a non-working
rev 01 PMAG-CA with extra memory module. It fits the longer one of the two
vacant memory slots in the PMAG-E, anyone know for sure?

    3a.) What is the 2/3 length RAM module for? I'm guessing it's extra high
speed buffer RAM (fast paged SRAM?) Anyone have a spare one around? ;-)

    3b.) Is there a required order or vacancy/fill or the memory modules for
the PMAG-E to work correctly?

    4.) I don't quite understand the Ultrix attach line (haven't tried
NetBSD yet):
fb0 at ibus 0
fb: Module type PMAGB-BA 1280x1024
px0 at ibus2
pq0 (5x1 0+0+24+0 128KB)   <- I don't quite understand this whole line,
                           and shouldn't it identify as a PMAG-E somewhere?

    5.) I know this is the wrong place for it, but anyway: I had a PMAG-C
and the PMAGB-B happily running DecWindows/OSF in multiscreen mode, very
cool. When I reinstalled Ultrix, it said it installed the PXG X server and
the TrueColor server, but I can't get the PMAG-E to show anything. I imagine
this has to do with running two servers simultaneously. Since everything
PMAG-C and lower is on one X server, and (presumably) the PXG's are another
X server. Is it possible to run two X servers at the same time? Later I'll
try moving the PMAG-E into slot 0 and reinstalling Ultrix (again)

    6.) Is there enough doc's around to write PX/PXG's as dumb frame buffers
for X? While using the cool acceleration and 3D hardware would be nice,
having it work on Ultrix with no software doesn't get me anywhere. At least
NetBSD has some possibility of acceleration/3D at some point.


    "I use to be indecisive, now I'm not so sure..."