Subject: For sale: PMAX CPUs and various DEC peripherals
To: None <>
From: David Gingold <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 03/15/2000 00:16:52
I have for sale various DEC workstation equipment, including a couple
of PMAX CPUs.  I thought I might offer this to people on this list
before trying to hawk it on eBay.

Please see the inventory below.  I believe all the equipment is
working, and will try to test things if you like.  If you are
interested in buying some or all of this, please make me an offer in
the next week.  I am in the Boston area.  If you would like the
equipment shipped, you should pay shipping charges in addition to your

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me e-mail.

Thanks for your interest!



2 DECstation 5000/200 CPUs, with built-in thin Ethernet.

1 DEC PMAD-A Ethernet card (AUI interface) for DECstation 5000.

1 DEC PMAG-B video card for DECstation 5000.

2 DEC VR297-DA 17" Trinitron monitors.

  One has been tuned to work with a Mac, but could be re-tuned for the

1 DEC VRT19-DA 19" Trinitron monitor.

  Also tuned to work with a Mac, can be un-done.

1 DEC RRD40-DA SCSI CD-ROM in enclosure.

4 DEC SCSI enclosures, each holds two full-height 5.25" drives.

  The models are SZ12 C-FA, RZ5X-AA, SZ12 B-XA, and SZ12 X-HA.  They
  all look identical.  The last one is missing its power supply.


1 DEC TZ30 cartridge tape SCSI drive.

1 DECserver 200/MC terminal server.

1 DEC RZ57 1 GB SCSI drive

2 DEC RZ56 665 MB SCSI drives

2 DEC RZ55 332 MB SCSI drives

Various cables for SCSI, monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc.  A few