Subject: Re: Looking for an ISA S/T ISDN card
To: Matt Thomas <>
From: Gregory McGarry <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 03/10/2000 09:59:35
Matt Thomas wrote:

> >My understanding is that the am7930 ISDN interface was a forward-thinking
> >engineering decision when it was included on the maxine.  Unfortunately
> >it wasn't implemented correctly, and hence they come with the ISDN
> >connection covered over.  I think the implementation in the sparc is
> >usable but AFAICS they cannot do DMA to the chip like the maxine.
> Not quite true.  There was ULTRIX product that made the ISDN port work.
> So it is possible.

Oh, okay.  Well, in that case I can supply a driver for the DMA.  There
is also an ISDN driver available for the am7930 on sparclinux.

	-- Gregory McGarry <>