Subject: Re: DVD-RAM
To: Philip Tait , <>
From: Chris Tribo <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 03/08/2000 23:20:57
on 3/3/00 12:37 PM, Philip Tait at wrote
something like:

> Now that DVD-RAM drives are dirt cheap (e.g.

    Wow, first time I checked them out they were $800+

> has anyone thought about what it would take to use one on a pmax?  It
> tried it on 1.4.1, but it is identified as a CD-ROM - I couldn't even
> disklabel it.  Perhaps there's a better chance with MI SCSI...

    Not really, although it's helpful speed and compatibility wise. The
problem is that no one has written UDF (Universal Disc Format) file system
support yet; AFAIK, on any UN*X flavour. While it would be great, I can't
imagine that writing file system support is a "fun" task. I'm sure lack of
hardware and the thought of blowing $40 per disc if you screw up is probably
an issue here as well. Does Fast SCSI-2 give a DVD-RAM drive enough
bandwidth to write a CD? I'm sure there are a good deal of variables that
come into play along with that...