Subject: Re: Video and keyboard
To: John A. Maier <>
From: Chris Tribo <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 03/01/2000 18:30:27
"John A. Maier" wrote:
> I was just wondering, where can I get the DB-15 -> Keyboard-mouse
> connector?  I have several DEC keyboards and I have a VSXXXX mouse
> (hockey puck).

	They are common, trouble is finding someone who is willing to
part with one. IIRC the same cable was used on Alpha's and DS's. I
have pinouts if you feel like building your own...

> Also, is the video output of a DECstation 500/240 PMAGB-B signal
> compatable with the PC VGA video signal?  If so, where would one get a
> converter?

	Yes, it will work with non-DEC monitors provided:

	a.) It can handle composite-sync (sync on green)
	b.) It can vsync at 66 Hz
	c.) It can hsync at a fairly high rate (me thinks it will at
		either 109kHz or 130kHz provided you have a PMAGB-BA.
		I can check this when I get home if you need to know.

NOTE: if you can't ascertain all the above info for the monitor you want
hook up, you take a fair risk of frying your deflection card by over-
clocking it. Most old monitors don't have safegaurds to prevent this
sort of

	d.) You have a 3W3 video cable/connector that you don't mind
		chopping the ends of of. AFAIK, there is no 3W3->HD15 or
		3W3->DB15 monitor adapter available. Once upon a dream
		I checked with PCMall's custom cable building outfit
		and it would cost about $50 to have them build you 
		something with 3W3.