Subject: Re: pmax mi scsi
To: Simon Burge <>
From: Michael L. Hitch <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 03/01/2000 12:48:31
On Sat, 26 Feb 2000, Simon Burge wrote:

> NetBSD Bob wrote:
> > > Now that the dust about hanging pmax'es have settled, I'd like to give
> > > some kudos to Toru Nishimura for bringing the MI SCSI driver into the
> > > pmax world (at least the 5000 part of it), cf:
> >  
> > Is this likely to cure the 5000/200 scsi spurious interrupt problems I
> > have been having?

  I have not seen any problems with the wierd SCSI driver states when
using MI SCSI driver code, even running the things I do which show up
with the old pmax driver.

> I'm not sure about that (Michael, Toru?), but there's an open PR about
> the keyboard and mouse not working on the 5000/200 at the moment.  I'll
> try to look at this more over the weekend, but I don't have a working
> 5000/200 to test on...

  I finally shuffled some DEC boxes around and got a 5000/200 connected
back up (it's stacked up with a 3100 and a 5000/150, but I can only
connect one machine at a time).

  My GENERIC kernels that I have been using for working on the current MI
SCSI issues fail to boot on the 5000/200.  I've only got a serial console
at the moment, and the machine stops after printing out the 'copying out
flags' (or was it 'copying out path` - my short term memory failed) and I
can only recover with a reset.  [The same kernel boots fine on a 3100,
5000/25, and 5000/150).  I'll be investigating this further when I get the

Michael L. Hitch
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