Subject: Anyone using DEFTA's?
To: None <>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 09/23/1999 21:05:22

Today I installed a DEFTA in my 1.4.1/pmax NFS server so I could get a
higher speed network to the Ultrix box with a TZ88, and just after (less
than two minutes) starting a remote dump I got the following:

	malloc+350 (c0000000,1000,1,a90) ra 801b1254 sz 56
	_bus_dmamap_create+54 (c0000000,1000,1,a90) ra 8003a384 sz 48
	pdq_ifstart+e0 (c0000000,1000,1,a90) ra 801001cc sz 64
	fddi_output+8dc (c0000000,1000,1,a90) ra 8010f50c sz 96
	ip_output+58c (2e,58,4419a0,800305c4) ra 80116ccc sz 128
	tcp_output+dbc (2e,58,4419a0,800305c4) ra 80113aac sz 128
	tcp_input+1d00 (37ea37d4,fc3d,0,0) ra 8010d7e0 sz 104
	ipintr+770 (37ea37d4,fc3d,0,0) ra 801968d4 sz 56
	interrupt+1a4 (37ea37d4,fc3d,0,0) ra 80031558 sz 40
	mips1_UserIntr+ac (37ea37d4,fc3d,0,0) ra 4419b4 sz 0
	PC 0x4419b4: not in kernel space
	_DYNAMIC_LINK+4419b4 (37ea37d4,fc3d,0,0) ra 0 sz 0
	User-level: pid 4436

That's as much as I have...  Any hints?

I've CC'd this to port-alpha in case anyone over there has any
experience/troubles with DEFTA's on their TurboChannel machines.