Subject: Can I make boot floppy this way?
To: NetBSD/pmax <>
From: None <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 09/23/1999 16:09:06
I want to boot my 5000/260 via RX23 floppy in this way:

  I have a NetBSD-1.4/i386. What I did:

	# fdformat -C 160
	# disklabel -W /dev/rfd0c
	# gunzip -c /NetBSD-1.4.1/pmax/installation/diskimage/diskimage.gz |
		dd of=/dev/rfd0c bs=10240

  I got this:

dd: /dev/rfd0c: end of device
 0+301 records in
 0+300 recored out
	1228800 bytes transfered in 39 secs(31507 bytes/sec)
Broken pipe

  What's wrong?

  Thank you!

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