Subject: PMAGB-B out of sync
To: None <>
From: Jared Smolens <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 09/21/1999 21:09:46
Dear mailinglist,

I recently came across a DECstation 5000/260 with a PMAGB-B framebuffer.
 Since this machine is a whole lot faster than my 3100, I'd like to
upgrade. It seems as if there's a problem syncing with my monitor.  When
doing the framebuffer tests, everything is extrememly squiggly and when
the boot prompt comes up, it's spread all over the screen, of course. 
The monitor is a DEC VR 160-DA, something like 14 or 15" screen and it
works fine with the 3100.  

My question - is there a way to change the frequency of the framebuffer
to sync with the monitor (either by jumpers or by typing something at
the boot prompt?) or do I have to scavange around for a new monitor? 
There's an Out=osc0 jumper, a PROM=secure jumper and two "spare jumper"
positions on the framebuffer.  I have tried various permutations of
these settings and nothing seems to help.  


Jared Smolens

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