Subject: DS3100 - DS5000/25 funzies.....(:+{{...
To: None <>
From: NetBSD Bob <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 09/20/1999 12:28:56
After some prodigious head scratching, late nite oil burning, and swapping
parts galore from the junk box into an assortment of DEC hardware
(DS2100, DS3100, DS5000/25), I managed to get one DS3100 and one DS5000/25
up on NetBSD-1.4.1, netbooted from the FreeBSD server.  Although they
mostly seem to be working, I have some detail questions.

1.  What is it with DEC roms and netbooting?  On the DS3100, I could
netboot 7.00 rom, but not 7.01, or 7.03 roms (the ones with the scsi
floppy addins).  On the DS5000/25, I could netboot 2.0 rom, but not
2.1m rom.

2.  What is the proper terminal designation for a DS3100 using the old
VR-262 mono monitor, and a DS5000/25 with the VRC-16 monitor?  I tried
all the usual vtXXX things, but most did not work correctly.  The closest
thing on the DS3100 was a vt220.  The closest thing on the DS5000/25
was a vt525.

3.  On the DS3100 X11, how does one set the video color on mono?
Black letters on a black background are a bit hard to see.

4.  On the DS3100, how does one set black letters on a white background.
Man causes highlighting to occur but does not turn it off when exiting.
Thus, the screen gets all messed up with white highlighting and becomes
mostly unreadable.