Subject: re: 1.4.1 installation
To: None <>
From: Terry R. Friedrichsen <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 09/20/1999 08:05:39
I wrote a few minutes ago:

> How do I *delete* the mount point in sysinstall's disk-partitioning menu
>	system?

Before everybody points out what an idiot I am for not simply marking the
partition "unused" instead of stubbornly trying to leave it a 4.2BSD par-
tition, let me save you the trouble and point it out myself ...

And just to make this message useful, let me point out that, in item 7 under
"Booting the Sysinst Installation Program" in the web site's installation
instructions, the section about "Which portion of the disk to use" can prob-
ably be deleted.

Terry R. Friedrichsen