Subject: Re: Q: netbooting a decstation
To: Simon Burge <simonb@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Scott Gasch <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 09/17/1999 00:12:59
Simon Burge said:
] Scott Gasch wrote:
] > I am trying to netboot a DECStation 5k/25 from a FreeBSD box.  The
] > kernel seems to boot fine but can't find init and bails out:
] > 
] > nfs_boot: my_addr=0xa0a0a0a
] > nfs_boot: my_mask=0xff000000
] > root on scott.lan:/usr/local/pmax/root
] > WARNING: clock lost 974 days -- CHECK AND RESET THE DATE!
] > exec /sbin/init: error 13
] > init: not found
] > panic: no init
] > syncing disks... done
] > rebooting...
] > 
] > I initially thought that the NFS filesystem was not being mounted.
] > However I turned on verbose logging on mountd on the server and it
] > seems like the root filesystem is indeed being mounted.
] Error 13 is EACCESS - it sounds like you may need to enable root
] access to the NFS root directory.  If FreeBSD's mountd is anything
] like NetBSD's (which is a reasonable guess) you will probably need to
] add something like "-maproot=root" to the line in /etc/exports - "man
] exports" for more info.

100% correct.  Thank you for the help, the machine's boot process is
getting further along.

I am now seeing console log messages like this:

Jan 15 18:15:31 init: single user shell terminated, restarting
(repeat forever)

I see from a mailing list message in Jan 1999 that this is due to a
corrupt /bin/sh.  As I said, the root filesystem is from a snapshot --
I am now untarring the 1.4 release version and we'll see if this fixes

Thanks again to Simon for the help.