Subject: Re: catch 23 upgrading...
To: Aaron J. Grier <>
From: Greg Oster <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 09/13/1999 21:39:59
"Aaron J. Grier" writes:
> I'm trying to get my 5000/200 back up to running the current -current
> from 1999-31-03 -current, and I'm stuck in a loop.
> I need to make a new kernel, but I can't because config dies with:
> 	../../../../conf/files:415: syntax error
> and the -current config (sup'd Sep 13 11:21:03 1999) gives the following
> no matter what I do:
> 	usage: config [-pv] [-s srcdir] [-b builddir] sysname

Hmm... I just pulled down the latest 'config' sources (as of 6 minutes ago)
and they compiled and run just fine.  ('config GENERIC' worked wihtout error).
I'm not sure why the one you compile would be doing that, unless something 
went awry with the sup...  Maybe try pulling down

and see if that works better for you (it compiles/runs fine for me).
If that fails, let me know, and I'll make arrangements to get a 'config 
binary to you.

> The most recent snapshot for ftp predates my homebrewed snapshot...
> Help?  Somebody?  Anybody done a make release within the last few weeks?

I did a complete rebuild from the Sept. 6 sources, without any grief.


Greg Oster