Subject: Re: mit-pthreads & sdd status inquiry
To: Simon Burge <simonb@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Andreas Kotes <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 09/12/1999 06:51:04

On Sun, 12 Sep 1999, Simon Burge wrote:

> Andreas Kotes wrote:
> > are there any news about mit-pthreads
> I got to the stage where everything compiled, and a test program panic'd
> my machine.  I haven't got back to it yet...

ah, okay .. I don't know how much time you have for things like this at
work, and I really don't want you to remote lockup your box everytime you
try doing it .. so take it easy :) .. but anyhow, it would be really to
have it .. I suspect mysql being MUCH faster than msql, regardless is has
more features .. but it needs mit-pthreads .. anyone tried msql and can
ACK the bad performance?

> > > or sdd (or PI-SCSI-driver) on
> > NetBSD/pmax?
> You mean the MI scsi driver?  It's being worked on (see a recent message
> from Tohru) but not complete.

yeah, saw that .. I rather thought about a sdd version for the old
interface .. but I'm willing to wait .. I just can't use a 2GB drive
sitting in the box, as I can't remap the bad block and got no direct
access to the hardware anymore ..

Tohru wrote:
> Last week I made a progress on MI SCSI+NCR54C9x for NetBSD/pmax.
> People who once fetched the hacked patch file from our site, please
> try the new codes.

I would, but I fear I'd kill the system, and there ARE a few users
utilizing it. When the new driver is incorporated into the kernel this
kernel is considered stable I'll install it, if there's no useable sdd
then. I won't touch my working 1.4 kernel with IPv6, it works just this
way ;)

I also which to give a big thank you to both of you and all other
developers out there :) your work usually isn't honored that much, altough
it makes many people happy and giving them lots of fun with using their
computers :) additionally, you even respond fast and with valuable
information .. always .. :)

I'd love to be able to do more development myself, but bills got to be
paid, and live has to be handled .. stuff like that .. just sitting in Los
Angeles, California, yelling at an SGI Origin 200 to install @!%%$^!
distribution sets so I got stdio.h .. but it won't .. gnarf .. will be
back in Berlin, Germany in two days ;)

Fortunately, on 22th of September, I'll start working at a new employer,
where I'll be developing drivers for different chips (mainly
MPEG-2-Encoder/Decoder cards and stuff like this needed for digital TV),
mainly for Linux on Alpha/Intel .. so I can contribute more to the
OpenSource community .. although I'll stick with my self-employed worries
.. but I'm babbling ...
Again, thank you, and .. keep up the good work! :)


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