Subject: Re: DEC Monitor - will it work with Sun sparc's ?
To: Darren Reed <>
From: David Heller <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 09/06/1999 23:28:23
Darren Reed wrote:

> Hi,
>    I've got a 19" DEC monitor laying around, which I'm not using and which
> I'd like to connect up to a Sun box.  Only problem is the monitor only has
> 3 analogue RGB inputs, and the Sun connector I have for RGB connections
> supplies the sync on a separate cable.  The DEC monitor is of the vintage
> of 5000/200 series and is a Sony Trinitron, I believe.  Does anyone know
> if it is possible to get the right sort of connector ?  I imagine the DEC
> monitor is expecting SYNC on green or some such.
> thanks,
> Darren

Hi Darren

I have done the reverse ie using Sun monitor on a DEC computer so it probably
is possible you will have to make a sync adder circuit. simply make a break
in the green signal path(cut the wire or moify the monitor) attach
non-polarized cap of 1ufd 50v value to the sync line coming from the computer
and another capacitor of the same value to the green output from computer
take the remaining two leads of each capacitor solder them together and
attach to the green input of the monitor. Next step may or may not work with
the computer turned on and attached and the Monitor with its back off there
should be a horiz freq adjust pot somewhere on the chassis  adjust as
necessary the scan rates for SUN and DEC are pretty close. Note that the
actual resolution of the monitor has to do with the horiz and vert rates only
so if you change them you are actually changing the resdlution !!

If you find this confusing please feel free to email me directly