Subject: Re: Booting DS5000/25 from floppy for installation?????
To: Jonathan Stone <jonathan@DSG.Stanford.EDU>
From: NetBSD Bob <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 09/06/1999 16:42:32
> OTOH, the RX33 or whatever-ti-is in Bob's 3100 would do fine, if
> someone cut a floppy image.  As far as NetBD or the PROM care, it's
> just a tiny SCSI disk.
> Simon: does a compressed install (ramdisk) kernel fit into 1.44 meg?
> (we coudl do ustar, but there're so few scsi floppies it hardly seems
> worth it.)

There seem to be a lot of machines around here with that floppy (DS3100).
Maybe moo U got a deal from DEC, but it still would be useful to use it
as a boot device, at least on the 3100.  Nothing fancy, just the bare
minimum to boot, label, nfs, cp the minimum miniroot to swap, and run
with it.

I could envision one floppy to boot, and one to dd a compressed miniroot
to swap.

Is that possible with the RX33 on the DS3100?  It has 24M ram, and a pair
of RZ26 equivalent drives (Seagate and Quantum).

I brought my sun4 up last night to try to dd the pmax miniroot onto the
start of the HD.  The only way the Sun would recognize it (it came from
the DS3100) was to sunlabel it).  On the chance that the pmax will
recognize the drive (Seagate 31200N 1.2 gig thing), if I dd the miniroot
onto the start of the drive (/dev/rsd4c), and move it over to the pmax,
should it boot as boot -f rz(0,0,0)/netbsd?  Anything else I need to
be aware of?   Last time I tried that was unsuccessful, but I will give
that another try, in lieu of the boot floppy approach.