Subject: Re: DEC Monitor - will it work with Sun sparc's ?
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 09/05/1999 20:49:56
On  5 Sep, Darren Reed wrote:

>    I've got a 19" DEC monitor laying around, which I'm not using and whic=
> I'd like to connect up to a Sun box.  Only problem is the monitor only ha=
> 3 analogue RGB inputs, and the Sun connector I have for RGB connections
> supplies the sync on a separate cable.  The DEC monitor is of the vintage
> of 5000/200 series and is a Sony Trinitron, I believe.  Does anyone know
> if it is possible to get the right sort of connector ?  I imagine the DEC
> monitor is expecting SYNC on green or some such.
Connect the SYNC cabel via a 560 Ohm resistor to the green signal. This
is easy to do with a BNC-T plug like the ones used with 10Base2
ethernet. I used this cabeling scheme to drive sync on green Monitors
with PCs and a SPARCstation 1+ with cgsix. But be sure that the monitor
can sync to the H-frequency of the Sun. Usualy 61.8kHz or 71.7kHz. The
frequency depends on the type of framebuffer and the monitor-sense bits
on the Sun. See