Subject: Re: Migrating MI-SCSI-Code to pmax/PI-SCSI?
To: Toru Nishimura <>
From: Andreas Kotes <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 09/03/1999 12:51:07

On Fri, 3 Sep 1999, Toru Nishimura wrote:

> >> any hints how to migrate MI-SCSI-Code to pmax/PI-SCSI (am I right with
> >> that?) ? I'd still need a bad block scanner & remapper badly and would
> >> port it myself, but any hints are greatly appreciated.
> >
> > My current understanding is that the asc driver works (or mostly
> > works), but no work has been done on the sii driver.=09Toru, Michael?
> The issue this moment is, how to migrate current DC7061 sii SCSI driver
> into MI SCSI framework.  Solutions would be;
> =09[1] full scratch MI sii from the bottom
> =09[2] raminate current sii driver w/ 'thunk-layer' for MI SCSI
> =09[3] seek a way to 'co-exist' two different SCSI buses; oldscsi
> =09    for DS3100 and MI SCSI for others.
> I spent couple of hours to make a hack job for MI SCSI kernel and placed
> the patch file at;

whoa, this one is wicked, although it looks good ... but I don't run
-current, and don't want to .. I need something 'somehow' stable ...

could you give a look and try to
get it running with the asc-interface?

I still just need to reassign the bad blocks of this "=A7%"$%=A7 disk, with=
physical or serial access to the pmax (another reason why I don't want to
wiggle around with the kernel) ...

Thanx for the hack, and thanks in advance :)


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